Jan. 5th, 2017

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Title: Until I Saw Your Face
Fandom: Kingsman
Pairing/Characters: Eggsy Unwin/Harry Hart + Ensemble
Summary: Harry just needs somewhere to lay low and patch himself up. He isn't expecting to meet someone who fascinates him, or to run into that someone again and again.
Rating: NC-17
Length: Very Long (103,322 words)
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: Prostitution, canon-typical violence, minor character death, light dom/sub and bondage (this fic is not at all as a kinky as that makes it sound); written as an H/C bingo straight line extra for "disappearing", "secret allies", "wild card" (prostitution), "fighting" and "touch-starved"; not Brit-picked. (Or very well researched. Sorry.)
Excerpt: Harry offered the first figure that came into his head. Judging from the way the boy's eyes widened, it was far too high.

He said, “I know a place,” a little too quickly. “Let me just…” He took out his phone and fired off several texts in quick succession. “One of my stepdad’s mates works in a- a hotel real close to here.” From his stutter, Harry guessed that it wasn’t a very high class establishment- but then if Harry had wanted high class he would have sought it out himself. Somewhere where they had seen everything, where they looked the other way without question- that was what Harry needed at the moment, and his knowledge of such areas in London was unfortunately lacking.

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Personal hopes for 2017? (from [livejournal.com profile] verdande_mi)

I'm hoping to sell some writing this year- maybe just short stories, maybe something more- or at least make more progress than I have in that direction.  I applied for a writing fellowship during the fall to that end.  I won't get results until April, and it's really a long shot so I probably didn't get in, but... yeah, that would be really cool too.

I still have plenty of room for more questions on this meme, by the way.  Send me some more here if you like!


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