Feb. 6th, 2017

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I'd missed quite a few episodes of this show, and I've been (slowly) getting caught up.  I just love it so much in spite of myself, and I really wish there were more people around who liked it, especially now.

Ever since the show first came along (and for a while before that with other vaguely comparable shows, like Forever) I've been whining and complaining about how much I wanted a show like Lucifer- one with a male lead character who has a lot of exes/current liasons over the course of the show- to just casually turn out to have one (or several) such ex(es) be another man.

And just a couple episodes ago, Lucifer did exactly that!

It's not exactly groundbreaking as far as bi representation goes, but it was still really cool to see that when I'd wanted it to happen so much.  (Although now that I'm on the subject it does bother me that this show gets no credit whatsoever from a representation standpoint even though it's really quite diverse.  It only had the one major character who was a white guy to begin with, and now he is in fact canonically Not Straight... But such is life.)


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