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Sep. 2nd, 2015 11:47 pm
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Thought I'd do a post about what I've watched recently.

Justified S6 )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S1 )

Ripper Street S3 )

I guess we should be getting new seasons of stuff pretty soon.  I'm looking forward to more of The Blacklist, but that's pretty much all I'm still keeping up with.  Is there anything new that looks good?  No trailers have caught my eye so far.

OTP Meme

Jan. 18th, 2015 10:51 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] daria234

Choose 5 OTP’s without looking at the questions behind the cut first, then tag friends to do the same.

1)      Aramis/Athos/Porthos (The Musketeers)
2)      Henry/Walt (Longmire)
3)      Ava/Boyd/Raylan (Justified)
4)      Belle/Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time)
5)      Clint/Phil (MCU)

I cheated a little and did some OT3s (not that I'm the only one).  I couldn't help myself.

Answers )

Tagging: anyone who wants to try it!
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I don't know if I have anything spoilery to say- I don't know if any of y'all watch it to care anyway- but I have to ask into the universe: was it strictly necessary for Boyd and Tim to flirt so much?  I mean, the popular theory that Tim is written as gay tends to color his interractions with other men in my mind even if I'm not sure I believe that he is, in fact, written as gay, and Boyd could seem like he was hitting on a stone if he put his mind to it, but their scenes together in this season were... really very suggestive.

Okay, no, I lied.  I have something spoilery to say:

Wow, that ending was awesome.  While I'm sad to think of Boyd being the next big bad (although frankly the promos for the new season make it look like it's actually Ava we have to worry about), I loved the parallels of the last moments with Boyd and Raylan.  Both of them were getting out.  Both of them were going to make a change and maybe get off the collision course they've been on ever since this thing started.  But then they both get sucked in by the one thing they can't resist.  I loved Raylan's, "Why didn't you just say so?"  I almost wished Boyd would say the same thing, but then it turned out he didn't need to- it was written all over his face.  It's those two characters- and those two actors- I come to this party for.

It was a good season all around.  As per usual, I get to wait exactly forever to watch the next season.
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Favorite hero/villain pairing:

I waffle somewhat on hero/villain pairings, because a lot of the ones I like are more hero/frenemy than hero/villain.  Harry Dresden/John Marcone from The Dresden Files, which I love, is a good example.  Marcone may not always be a stand-up dude, but the reason people ship the pairing is because he always has Harry's back when Harry needs him, even though they pretend not to like each other (of course, Harry also spends more time describing with vivid 1st person detail what hot stuff Marcone is than any fanfic could; that's part of why people ship it too).

For me, I guess the core of the hero/villain pairing is that Character A could turn good for Character B under the right circumstances, and it gets hard to call them a villain when your little fannish heart is sure they didn't have to be if the hero had played his/her cards right (I'm looking at you, Clark Kent.  Remember the early days of Smallville when everybody was writing the oh-so-sweet futurefics where he and Lex get to be slashy BFFs forever because screw Superman canon?  You could have had that, Clark.  You could have had that).  I like Boyd/Raylan from Justified a lot too (and the Ava/Boyd/Raylan OT3, of course).  Boyd isn't really a villain on the show, but he is pretty unapologetic about his crime lord status.  He and Raylan may help each other, but they're always gong to be on opposite sides of the chessboard, and I like it that way, so I guess that's the pairing I'd pick for this one.

The rest of the meme )
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Mix Masterlist

Prompt Mixes

Ready for the Fire (Ava Crowder) 10 tracks | Made for [ profile] waywardmixes challenge #23 (Character Study) | With that loaded shotgun, well, you'll always be left alone.


My Justified Fics
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Fandom: Justified
Subject: Ava Crowder
Title: Ready for the Fire
Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for seasons 1-3; mentions of violence.  S4 introduced an arc for Ava that I don't feel is finished, so I've limited this to the first three seasons; made for [ profile] waywardmixes challenge #23 (Character Study).  This is a gen mix, but my Ava/Raylan and Ava/Boyd feels are definitely showing in the summary.  Apologies.

With that loaded shotgun, well/you'll always be left alone )

"Day 21"

Feb. 5th, 2014 08:36 pm
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Favorite ship

Although if you divided all my favorite pairings into types they would be pretty overwhelmingly slash, I actually like het, femslash, and various OT3's sometimes too.  My favorite slash pairing at the moment is overwhelmingly Jim/Artie from The Wild Wild West, and since I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that in about half these posts, I'm just going to talk about my favorite het and femslash pairings, and my favorite OT3 instead.

Cut, for ramblings )

The rest of the meme )

"Day 19"

Feb. 2nd, 2014 06:45 pm
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Best TV show cast

I'm not sure if this means actors or characters, but either way I'm giving it to Justified.  I love the show, and I've never known it to misstep in either category.  All the actors and actresses in it are consistently awesome, as are the regular characters- and the recurring and one-off characters are all weird and wonderful and they come to life as brilliantly as the leads do.  Justified is said to take place in a "21st century wild west" and like all the best westerns it's full of lawmen, outlaws, and all the strange people who aren't quite either that they meet along they way.  And best of all, though Justified has good guys and bad guys, it's never afraid to let them all get a little... grey.

It's not particularly rich in minorities- only one person of color in the regular cast, and one regular character that most fans are fairly sure is canonically gay, but that's been sufficiently subtle that fans are only 'fairly sure'- but given the rural southern setting it's difficult to be too surprised by that.  It does, however, have a female big bad pitted against a male hero in the second season, which is pretty rare in TV, and a lot of other strong women, both good and bad.

I find the writing of Justified superb, but it's the strange and varied characters make it so much fun to watch- and the actors always seem like they're having a great time too.

The rest of the meme )
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Fic Masterlist

Short Fic (1,000-5,000 words)

Dichotomy (Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens) PG-13 | 1,667 words | Future Fic, Near Death Experiences | Boyd saves Raylan. Again.


My Justified Mixes

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I figure if I post it, I'll- you know- do it, so...

1) I'm going to be reccing for Justified on [ profile] crack_van next month, which is exciting.  I'm good as far as stories to rec, though I'm going to have to pick between a couple similar stories and that'll be hard.  When Justified fics are good, they're really good.  I'm also the first person reccing for it, so I'll have to do the fandom overview, which is a little scary- but *deep breath* I got this.

2) I want to get caught up on the shows I was trying to actually follow while they were airing.  Sleepy Hollow I'm totally caught up with, and still adoring, but I appear to have lost Agents of Shield.  Anybody know how it's going? 

3) I'm going to make a masterlist of my fanworks. It should be up soon.  There won't be a whole lot on it, but I'd rather make a teeny masterlist now and add to it as I go than decide in a year or so that I need one and have no idea where to even start.

Anyway, like I said- now I have to do it.
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Title: Dichotomy
Fandom: Justified
Pairing/Characters: Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens
Summary: Boyd saves Raylan.  Again.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Short (1,667 words)
Disclaimer: Justified belongs to FX and Leonard Elmore.
Notes/Warnings: This is just a little oneshot to get my feet wet in this fandom.  I'm not entirely up on S4 yet, so this may be impossible.  Think of it as set earlier in the series in some A.U., or in the future at some point- whatever makes it work for you.
Excerpt: Boyd was the next generation of everything Raylan grew up promising himself he would never be. He was also the first boy Raylan ever trusted with his life. No matter how much time passed, or how many crazy things Boyd did, he would always be both of those things.  It was a problem.  Except when it wasn't.

On AO3
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I'm just doing my five main fannish obsessions of the moment, but I'll probably do other series as I go along, if only to get my tags and ships together.

The meme is:

1. The first character I fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character I love less than I used to
4. The character I just want to slap
5. A paring that I love
6. A pairing that I despise

Here we go...

Cabin Pressure )

Justified )

Once Upon a Time )

Warehouse 13 )

The Wild Wild West )


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