Jan. 5th, 2015 11:15 pm
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So, was there a Sleepy Hollow episode tonight?

I had no idea it was back, and frankly I'm okay with having missed it.  I think I'll wait until a few more episodes have aired before I start watching again, and pray it's gotten it's groove back.  In general, I just don't think that S2 has been as good as S1, but I'm still holding out hope.

That said, I need to get myself together.  What else is starting soon? (Besides Agent Carter, that is.  I am 110% here for that)

My shows

Dec. 3rd, 2014 10:55 pm
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I'm caught up with my main shows in time for the winter finales which is good, I'm already missing the hell out of The Blacklist which is bad, and I heard Selfie got canceled and that the rest of it will only be on Hulu which is just sad.  It wasn't the best show in the world, and I'd gotten a bit behind, but I was definitely enjoying it.

Comments on my three big ones below.  In general, I'm not overjoyed, so expect some criticism, but I do have some good things to say.

Agents of SHIELD )

Forever )

Sleepy Hollow )

Also the new season of The Musketeers is starting next month.  *raptor noises*

My shows

Nov. 13th, 2014 09:20 pm
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Okay, so, I've liked the last few episodes of my shows, but haven't had a lot to say recently, but I've had some thoughts perculating for a while about the main ones, so here we go:

Agents of SHIELD )

The Blacklist )

Sleepy Hollow )

I've been watching Forever and Castle too, but I don't have a whole lot to say about either of them.


Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:04 pm
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Caught up on my shows but The Blacklist (except that I am forever one episode behind on Castle, and not completely digging this season so far; it isn't bad, it just isn't better, and I like big changes to be improvements), so yay, but I only have comments on a few of them:

Agents of SHIELD )

Selfie )

Sleepy Hollow )

Also, as I mentioned before I finally watched The Musketeers.  I wanted to wait until I was finished to talk about my FEELINGS and now I'm tired so the feelings will have to wait.  But they are immense.  This show did things to me you guys.  I'm a mess.
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Enjoyed the latest ep.  I don't have much else to say, though, except
So, other than a slight vocabulary snafu (Crane said 'homosexual' like every other word that he didn't learn from current day vernacular, when in fact it wasn't coined until about a hundred years after his time), I loved his blasé reaction to the whole concept.  Gay marriage = well duh.  Men wearing hats inside buildings = what is the world coming to?  I love you, Crane.

Also, when I said I was looking forward to seeing some historical figure for whom Crane had genuine respect and affection, this was not the one I expected.  That said, it was actually... rather sweet.


Oct. 1st, 2014 08:19 pm
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I already caught all my shows this week!  I have... somewhat mixed feelings- general good impressions jumbled up with some meh.

Agents of SHIELD )

The Blacklist )

Sleepy Hollow )

My Tuesday watching was especially busy.  I only caught some of Selfie- essentially the same ep. I already saw, so no worries there- but after Agents of SHIELD I did watch Forever, mainly because the couch was comfy and why get up when I could just... stay.  I didn't dislike it, and I do so love Ioan Gruffudd, but I'm very, very tired of the same 'immortal dude' plotline by writers who never take any risks.  I need to not do this to myself.  He's not gonna be bi, I need to not hope, but goddamnit it's nearly 2015!
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So, it looks like I'm not going to be able to catch Sleepy Hollow as it airs on Monday nights (Boo) so I'll probably be an episode behind forever and ever, but they did re-air the premiere tonight, as I caught that.

I enjoyed it, as I always do )

While watching Sleepy Hollow, I saw a promo for Gracepoint.  WTF?  Unless mine eyes decieve me, it's exactly Broadchurch. Exactly.  Same plot, same images, same dialogue for God's sake.  But okay, Americans remake British series all the time.  Here's the thing that blew my mind: David Tennent, playing the exact same character he played on Broadchurch (new name, but with the same dialogue and the exact same appearance, it's the same guy, whatever you call him) with an American accent.

I don't even know, you guys.
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Mainly, I want to say that I haven't seen any kind of promo for Agents of SHIELD yet, which is weird.  I haven't gone looking for promos, but usually I'll catch one watching Jeopardy or something, but so far nada.  What's up with that?

I watched the Selfie pilot and I'm looking forward to that show.  It captures the cadance of internet speech in very cool way, and I find the premise- kind of a reversed My Fair Lady- quite interesting.

Of course, I'm most excited for Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist.  In fact, I rewatched S1 of The Blacklist in preperation, and I'd definitely recommend that to anyone who can.  I didn't notice a lot that I hadn't before, but it does come together in a really cool way when you know what to look for.  I do have an observation, though:
I was really hoping to get my is Red supposed to be Lizzie's father or not thoughts together completely, but the fact is I still don't know.  On the one hand, the he's using a kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi logic "I abandoned you as a child and became a different man, therefore I am not your father" theory actually holds water, as much as it pains me to say it.  However, if he is her father, Lizzie will find out the truth eventually, and I doubt it's a distinction that she will appreciate, so he has to know that he will lose all his "I never lied to you" cred if that is the case.  On the other hand, there are a lot of little details that just don't go with that theory.  Red's daughter would have been old enough to remember him, and in general the flashbacks to the fire make Lizzie seem like she was very young, whereas Red's daughter struck me as a bit older.  Lizzie's childhood home obviously burned down, but Red visited the house he raised his daughter in.  Then there's the fact that a gazillion people- from Berlin to the FBI- have been trying to find out what connection Lizzie has to Red.  Am I honestly supposed to believe that none of them tried a DNA test?  Really?

Also, at this point it will be the least surprising "twist" in history, and it would be much more interesting if something else had happened.  I like the idea that he saved her and has been sort of transferring his protective instincts for the daughter he couldn't save onto her.

We shall see.

What shows are you all most looking forward to?

My shows...

Jun. 1st, 2014 11:47 am
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So, I ended up watching four shows premiering this year from beginning to end, which is really sort of unprecedented for me.  Anyway, some of them finished their seasons quite a while ago, but I wanted to post on them all at once.

So, without further ado:

Agents of SHIELD )

Almost Human- warning: my opinion was not always favorable )

While I'm on the subject of SF, though.  I want a sci-fi show, you guys.  Specifically, I want space ships.  I want aliens and ships in space.  It's part of why I'm so unenthused by this Stargate reboot news.  For one thing, I'm tired reboots, but mainly- I didn't like early Stargate all that much.  When I think of Stargate, I think of the huge world they built over the seasons, with the Asgard and the Wraith and the Ancients.  I love all the cool tech they accumulated.  I love the fact that these characters started out as regular 20th centuries humans and became part of this giant universe.  How can anyone expect me to be excited about them taking it all away again?  In the movie, the universe was tiny, and it's not what I want to see.  I want them add more to what they built, not knock it all down again.

Anyway, moving on.

The Blacklist )

Sleepy Hollow )
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Also from [ profile] verdande_mi, Sleepy Hollow

Favorite characters: Crane, Abbie and Jenny, Irving, Corbin
OTP(s): I'm sort of withholding judgement as far as ships go for the time-being.  I'd be fine with seeing more Ichabod/Katrina development- but I wouldn't mind if something developed with him and Abbie either.  I have a fondness for the possibility of Jenny/Irving, too.
Funniest character: It's more a question of laughing at Crane than with him, but he cracks me up.
Prettiest character: I think this is Crane too.  I mean, Jenny and Abbie are both beautiful, but Crane is just so damned gorgeous.
Most badass character: Jenny.  Wow, she's so cool.
Most annoying character: Abbie's ex.  His name escapes me even though he's been in quite a few episodes.  I love most of the characters in this show, but I just want him to go away.
My favorite thing that has happened so far: It's hard to pick one thing; I love this show's general craziness, and the total monster mash that it is.
What I would most like to see happen next: More good guys?  It's natural that a series like this one begin with only a few characters and build a larger cast as it builds its mythology (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are good examples of this happening); I just like a lot of characters in my shows, and I'm looking forward to that possibility.

"Day 10"

Jan. 24th, 2014 09:03 pm
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A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

I'm not sure I'd say that I really thought much about whether I would like Sleepy Hollow or not, but I remember being unenthused by the prospect when I first heard about it.  There's something about films and TV shows based on horror classics from to 18th and 19th centuries that tend to rub me the wrong way- because the writers seem to have something against the actual source material.  Everyone calls Dracula the great classic of the vampire genre, and yet no movie, TV show or mini-series I've seen has ever actually followed the story from the book (not even the BBC, which is usually good about that kind of thing).  Everyone has to put their own spin on it- disregarding Bram Stoker's spin almost entirely.  Likewise with Frankenstein (I mean, I'll probably see I, Frankenstein, but I really don't know what the deal with that is, and now there's some Igor movie coming as well.  *Sigh*), and so on and so forth.  The Burton Sleepy Hollow movie got allowances from me because, in making a movie based on a short story, you have to take some liberties- but a modern show that brings in a whole Biblical apocalyptic battle?  Why even bother to make it Sleepy Hollow when it's clearly something else entirely?  A lot of people asked that question, and I expected to agree.

But I watched it and I had a whole lot of fun.  While I don't think that people who criticize the show entirely have the wrong end of the stick, I enjoy the hell out of it all the same.  I love the characters and all the bizarre twists and the general monster-mashy feel of it.  It's so crazy- and so unashamed of its craziness- that I love it very much.  I can't wait to see what they do next!

The rest of the meme )
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There would be an easy way for me to flail about all the amusement I got out of this.  But I don't, so I'm linking it here.  Check it out. 
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Here be spoilers )

Also, I saw the Sleepy Hollow promos.  More John Noble!  *does an embarrassing little dance*
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I'm caught up on all my new shows!  And I even saw The Day of the Doctor!  It is a momentous occasion (for me) and we'll see if I can maintain this (I probably can't).  I haven't seen tonight's Almost Human, but that doesn't constitute a backlog, so there.

Agents of SHIELD )

The Blacklist )

The Day of the Doctor )

Sleepy Hollow )

Non-spoilery question for those more active in Doctor Who than me: is there an LJ Comm for Doctor Who/other fandom crossovers- maybe specifically with a character from said other fandom as a companion?  It seems like there should be (and if there isn't there should be) and I may be, possibly- reluctantly- writing a fic.

I'm sure I'll find somewhere to post when/if I finish regardless; I'm just curious.
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I figure if I post it, I'll- you know- do it, so...

1) I'm going to be reccing for Justified on [ profile] crack_van next month, which is exciting.  I'm good as far as stories to rec, though I'm going to have to pick between a couple similar stories and that'll be hard.  When Justified fics are good, they're really good.  I'm also the first person reccing for it, so I'll have to do the fandom overview, which is a little scary- but *deep breath* I got this.

2) I want to get caught up on the shows I was trying to actually follow while they were airing.  Sleepy Hollow I'm totally caught up with, and still adoring, but I appear to have lost Agents of Shield.  Anybody know how it's going? 

3) I'm going to make a masterlist of my fanworks. It should be up soon.  There won't be a whole lot on it, but I'd rather make a teeny masterlist now and add to it as I go than decide in a year or so that I need one and have no idea where to even start.

Anyway, like I said- now I have to do it.
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I assume Fox won't go there, but if anyone wants to write the fic where someone explains the government shutdown to Crane...

That might just be catharsis I need to deal with this.  
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I just want to say that the "village" of Sleepy Hollow is big.  I'm not saying necessarily that it's supposed to be a small town- maybe it isn't- I just wanted to point it out.


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