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Title: A Night's Work
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/Dean Richmond, James West
Summary: An evening well spent. Possibly.
Rating: R
Length: Short (1,097 words)
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: This was written for the older_not_dead amnesty prompt "not as drunk as you think I am."  Super rare pairing.  Yay.
Excerpt: “You’d better get me out of here before I cause an international incident,” Artemus whispered in Colonel Richmond’s ear.

Privately, Richmond doubted it. Artemus was just drunk enough to begin to show it, but when he was in full form- as he was tonight- every always seemed to go his way. Still, if Artemus wanted to be carried out it was likely for some reason other than because he’d consumed enough alcohol to become foolish- two or three other reasons at once, probably, knowing Artemus.

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Your OTP:

I don't really have an OTP.  The pairing I've read the most fic for is undoubtedly Charles/Erik (X-Men) because the supply is just so amazing.  The pairing I've written the most fic for Artie/Jim (The Wild Wild West).  The pairing that gives me the most concentrated feels in the actual canon is Kit/Will (The Promethean Age).  But I love Belle/Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time) and H.G./Myka (Warehouse 13) too, and then I start to get carried away, because I like a lot of pairings.

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Title: Brave New World
Fandom: Doctor Who/The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Amy Pond/Rory Williams, Artemus Gordon/James West, Eleven, Jack Harkness; mentions of Lily Fortune (and Artie/Lily)
Summary: Artie was a companion of the Doctor.  Jim is trying to figure some things out.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Medium (6,932 words)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and The Wild Wild West do not belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: This includes mentions of M-preg.  You can read my somewhat tangential placement of this story in DW canon here.
Excerpt: “I did want to… warn you, I suppose. It’s just that, ‘Jim, I won’t technically be born for a couple thousand years,’ is really difficult to work into a conversation. Also, I only half believed that he’d ever come back for me.”

On AO3
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So, I did my best to weave this story into the Doctor Who timeline in ways that I would like to be readily obvious- but I'm just not as good at the Doctor Who timeline as I'd like to be, so I'm gonna try to explain it:

Most of this story takes place somewhere between “The God Complex” and “The Wedding of River Song”, referencing Artie as a companion of the Eighth Doctor anytime before the Time War started. The final scene takes place in a space which may or may not exist between “Flesh and Stone” and “The Vampires of Venice.” I don’t have too much trouble imagining that Amy could have convinced the Doctor to take her one more place before picking up Rory- if that doesn’t work for you, call it an A.U.

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I’m posting a Doctor Who/The Wild Wild West crossover fic on AO3 (if you're interested, you can read it here) but I'm going to be posting some of my author's notes here so they don't clutter up the fic, so that's what those are about.

In related news, I'd like to enthusiastically recommend a Eight/Jacobi!Master fic: Cafestrolvalva by x-los. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out. It’s really, really great.

"Day 29"

Feb. 14th, 2014 07:56 pm
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Current TV show obsession

So, this is basically The Wild Wild West, because I'm writing really a lot of fic and it's pretty much all I want to talk/think about- but for variety's sake I'm going to add that I got into it recently only because of a TV station I started getting last year that only airs shows from before the 80's.  I've watched and loved WWW on it, but I also saw quite a few others, some that I'd seen before and some I hadn't- The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Big Valley, The Rifleman, Hogan's Heroes, M.A.S.H., Mr. Lucky and of course the original Star Trek.  Every time they switch the different shows' time slots around- or get rid of one to make room for another- I find a new show, so who knows what I might be watching next.  I don't love all of them- I've found some sort of hard to get into, like Wanted Dead or Alive- but I generally really enjoy programs from those periods, and it's been a lot of fun for me to watch them.

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"Day 9"

Jan. 23rd, 2014 09:58 pm
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Best scene ever

This is a pretty terrible question.  I mean maybe- maybe- I could put together a list with my favorite scene from every show I've ever loved, but then we'd be here forever, so I won't.  I do not have an absolute favorite scene, so I'm just going to do a favorite scene from the five shows I've already mentioned, and call it good.  These might not really be my number one favorites from those shows, and they certainly aren't really my top five scenes ever ever, but hey- what can you do?

Best scenes )

Now, I also wanted to add a question: Best story arc

It's also hard, but I have a couple that I wanted to highlight, and looking ahead I couldn't find any question that could give me a good chance to.  I'm tagging it onto the scenes question because some of the favorite scenes I'd thought of initially were only as good as they were because of the build of the story arc around them.

Best story arcs )

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"Day 7"

Jan. 22nd, 2014 12:21 pm
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Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

I have three- "The Night of the Raven" and "The Night of the Simian Terror" and "The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo."  I wouldn't say that any of them are unenjoyably bad- I'm actually too fond of "The Night of the Raven" to actively bad mouth it, I'll just say that someone obviously had a little more drugs in his system than usual when he decided that shrinking Jim was a cool idea.

My objection to "The Night of the Simian Terror" is primarily the fact that it just doesn't feel like a WWW episode.  The plot- a scientist who theorizes that an ape, given the same upbringing as a human, is naturally intelligent enough to behave like a human raises a human boy as his control group and the boy grows up crazy and ultimately tries to kill the family who gave him away rather than have an imperfect child- seems sort of like a rejected story idea for The Twilight Zone or maybe- on a stretch- Star Trek.  There's a sort of "Don't people suck?  This father (incidentally a senator, which is how Jim and Artie get involved) cared more about appearances than his son and the only creature who ever really gave a damn about this kid was an ape" takeaway message to the episode that really belongs in a thought-provoking, moral-oriented sci-fi series, but it had Jim and Artie strong-armed into it instead.  And it's like they realized, while making it, that this stuff is not what people watch WWW to see, and the episode just sort of peters out before it seems properly over.

"The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo" bothers me on a character level.  It's a relatively fun episode in general- Artie has his shirt off for most of it and looks very fine, there's a bit with mud-wrestling, and the "I have like a dozen wives but am clearly gayer than Christmas" South Sea prince cracks me up.  But as much as I like Jim there's a side to him that makes me want to write screw-you episode tags all day long, and 95% of them would be for this episode.  He can be pretty careless- though this aspect of his personality seems to go by the wayside once you get out of season one- and "The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo" is a classic example.  In it, he almost gets Artie killed by withholding really important information from him- and then when Artie demands an explanation he takes the always crap "I thought you were better off not knowing" defense.  How often has not knowing actually kept someone safe?  Never that I can think of.  (Even when I find the plotline interesting- like Ichabod concluding that Katrina never told him she was a witch to protect him on Sleepy Hollow- it's still ridiculous.  I mean- look what happened to Katrina's family.  Note to writers all over: the superhero's girlfriend/boyfriend/BFF still gets kidnapped by the bad guys even when she/he doesn't know he's a superhero; the only thing not knowing does for her/him is make it so she/he doesn't know why this keeps happening.  I went on a bit of tangent there, but you get the idea.)  Also, and I know this going to sound trite, but it upsets me that he never seems sorry.  It makes me want to write an A.U. scenario where Jim thinks Artie did die and sit back and survey the mayhem.  I'll do it one day.  I really will.

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"Day 6"

Jan. 21st, 2014 08:02 pm
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Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

I have two- "The Night of the Vipers" and "The Night of the Pisoleros."  (For future reference, all WWW episodes have the same "Night of the..." titling structure, handily abbreviated to TNOT.)

If I was recommending a WWW episode to a first time viewer, it would be "The Night of the Vipers."  The baddies have stupid outfits, but if you aren't comfortable with that, you and this show will not get far together- otherwise I have no complaints.  The premise is straightforward enough- a gang called the Vipers have been robbing banks in frontier towns.  Only one town in that area hasn't been hit yet, which means it's either the next target, or the source of the gang- so that's where Jim goes to investigate.  Artie is already there disguised as a reporter.  (This is the usual set-up for WWW- the plan is generally to make the bad guys think Jim is working alone, and give Artie oppourtunity to gather information the locals might keep from a secret service agent.)  The plot from there is coherent and easy to follow, and also there's a fight scene the lasts for about five years that I find immensely entertaining.

It's the slash that I love so much about this episode, though.  Jim is declared enemy number one this town very quickly, and has to sneak up through the window of Artie's hotel room not once but twice.  He has to change his shirt a lot, and Artie never seems to run out of spares.  There's also a bit where Artie very clearly has a side of the bed.

"The Night of the Pistoleros" is my other favorite and it gives me massive feels- as is evidenced by the fact that I made a fanmix for it for the [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes one episode challenge.  It's not one I'd recommend for a first time viewer because one needs a baseline for Jim to fully appreciate how crazy he goes when he thinks Artie's dead, but it is wonderful.

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"Day 4"

Jan. 19th, 2014 05:31 pm
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Your favorite show

I'd really love to call The Wild Wild West my guilty pleasure show and have done with it.  I mean, the plots are bizarre, it's generally really campy, and a lot of the time I finish with an episode and I'm not a 100% percent sure why most of it happened.  ([livejournal.com profile] misssunbeam said it best: "One bad thing about WWW: the plots are impossible to coherently describe.  One good thing about WWW: while you’re watching the eps, they’re so entertaining that you’re okay with the incoherence.")  If there's better candidate for a guilty pleasure show, I can't think of one, especially since it's a really problematic show for me both generally and personally.  Failing that, I'd call it my latest TV show obsession, because this really all happened because I saw it and my brain decided that I needed to write all the fanfiction.  My WWW to non-WWW fic ratio: 8 to 3.  And I haven't finished the really long ones yet.  Sniff.

But it really is my favorite.  It's crazy and funny and action-y, and it's very possibly the slashiest damn show on God's green earth.  It's full of eccentric side characters, bizarre locales (like a clown themed bar instead of regular bar, apparently so they could use a trained seal act), fight scenes with continuity goofs that let you know you're a perv (Jim falls down.  Jim gets up.  Jim's butt is dusty.  Next cut- it's not dusty anymore.  Trust me, guys, it was the first place I looked), and hot men in ridiculously tight pants.  More importantly (if there is anything more important than hot men in tight pants), days six and seven are favorite and least favorite episodes of a favorite show, and I want to answer with WWW- so there.

To briefly redeem myself, however, I'd like to say that the best and most loveable show I think I've seen- even though I never felt with the teeniest urge to connect with it fannishly and thus don't love it in the same way I do WWW- is probably Slings and Arrows.  It's a wonderfully acted and scripted show, with great characters and a consistent build over its three seasons.  I love the development of Geoffrey Tennant (an actor and director of questionable sanity) over the course of the three years, and I love the struggles we see each season as a play is painstakingly put on.  As a Shakespeare fangirl, I love the riffs on what makes his works timeless (and what makes them such a source of obsession for the people who love them).  As a Shakespearean actress, I love how familiar to me the characters and situations are.  But I also love the touches of magic, the way the show never gets entirely bogged down by realism, and the fact that at its heart it's a show about a director struggling with the ghost of his predecessor both literally and metaphorically (and the fact that said predecessor, Oliver, is in love with him, even if Geoffrey never quite figures that out).     

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Title: Takeout Christmas
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West, Haruko Ishuda, Jeremy Pike, Lily Fortune, Miguelito Loveless
Summary: Modern Day AU: Jim and Artie are next door neighbors.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Medium (5,101 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: In case it isn't information you keep in your head, Haruko Ishuda is the Japanese secret service agent from "The Night of the Deadly Blossom."  I love her, okay?
Excerpt: Artie had turned out to be a phenomenal cook, so it had been easy for Jim to say that he was happy to go to Artie’s place for dinner whenever he wasn’t too busy, or otherwise engaged. It had even been fairly easy to pretend that he wouldn’t have said the exact same thing if Artie had turned out to be a terrible cook.

On AO3
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Title: Frozen
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West; mentions of Jim/OMC
Summary: Jim runs into Artie at Christmas.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Short (2,783 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: A little holiday vignette.
Excerpt: “Well, hello, James,” Artie drawled in a matching low voice. “Fancy seeing you here.”

On AO3

Fic: Chill

Dec. 14th, 2013 10:06 pm
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Title: Chill
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West
Summary: Artie warms Jim up.
Rating: G
Length: Very Short (359 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: This is the closest I've gotten to a drabble yet, if that's worth mentioning.
Excerpt: “Honestly, Jim,” he growled. “Are you constitutionally incapable of thinking things through?”

On AO3
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Title: Silk Roses
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West
Summary: After 'The Night of the Running Death,' coin tosses are won and lost, Artie puts away a persona, and Jim puts on a dress.
Rating: NC-17
Length: Medium (14,985 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: In case you don't know 'The Night of the Running Death' off the top of your head, it's the one where Jim and Artie are part of a wagon train headed to Denver and trying to figure out which of their traveling companions is an assassin. In it, Artie pretends to be a very swish actor named Kingston and insists up and down that he can pick someone in a wig and makeup out in any crowd- despite the fact that the middle-aged British woman in their midst is actually the man they're looking for. This started out as my effort to reconcile myself with that, and it sort of went its own way from there. The episode also has an odd sort of double ending. This story is set around the first part of said ending and before the second. For a 15,000+ word story, it really is pretty low on plot. Apologies.
Excerpt: At this point, Jim should have anticipated that things would go wrong as matter of course the moment he took the decision to bait Artie about Ms. Tyler, but sometimes his reason took a long time to catch up with the rest of him.

On AO3
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Title: Future Tense
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West
Summary: The past fights change, and people aren't very good at learning from it.
Rating: NC-17
Length: Long (18,245 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: Includes major character death, dub-con, the end of the world, an unhappy ending, references to suicide and self harm, and just loads of not nice things.  1) I don't read a lot of darkfic, so I have no idea where on any potential scale this fic rests. but as you can see I have warned the hell out of it, and if you read said warnings and find yourself at all disinclined to read it, don't read it.  I'm not altogether happy with it, and now that it's gone I'm going to work on a something nicer.  2) When I first started this fic (way too long ago), I was reading Stephan King's 11/22/63. Originally, it was my intention to use similar rules of time travel, but in the end this story just went its own way. Still, I think the novel informed it somewhat.
Excerpt: Artie didn’t think he should understand what his partner was saying, at least not right away. He should be fighting it for all he was worth, but he wasn’t. It seemed like he’d been wrestling with this truth for an age and it had finally slotted into place.

On AO3
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Technically, I am finished with said fic.  It's for Wild Wild West, so nobody get excited.  I post those on AO3, where the people who have actually ever seen the show are (and by 'the people' I mean four or five of them- maybe as many as six!- but we'll get to that in a moment).  Anyway, I just feel the need to rant about the fic a little- all y'all can feel free to pay no attention.

But if you want to pat me on the head and tell me it's all gonna be okay- or to get over myself and post it already- that would be nice.

Like I say, it's done.  I just... I don't like it.  I'm pretty sure there's technically nothing wrong with it, it's just dark, which isn't what I normally write, and it doesn't have a happy ending, which isn't what I normally read.  I love a really well handled darkfic as much as the next person, but I have to be in a particular mood for it.  And though it's my opinion that this fic has some good stuff in it, I wouldn't throw around the words 'really well handled' in its proximity.

Now, if this were larger fandom, I'd stick on the necessary tags and warnings and maybe an author's note that says, "I'm not entirely happy with this.  Proceed at your own risk," and call it good.  They're adults; they can look at the tags and warnings and decide whether they want to go there or not.  Most fandoms have all kinds of writers and all kinds of readers and chances are good that if something motivated me to produce it there is at least one other person out there who would like to read it.  But this is not a large fandom.  There aren't a lot of people in it, and while it's had its moments in decades past you're lucky to get three new stories a month.  And I wonder if maybe what few people are in it aren't a little desperate.  Desperate enough to go there even when they don't really want to.

But I want to post it, because I've finally accepted that no amount of fiddling is going to make me like it, and yet I will keep fiddling as long as it remains unposted.  I'm just unsure of myself.  And I'm gonna be the first person to use the big scary bold 'major character death' archive warning.  Now, I'm not the first person to write a fic with character death in it in this fandom- just the first on AO3.  Even so, it's ground I'm not excited about breaking.

Okay, I'm done now.  I do actually feel a bit better.
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Title: Sleeping Patterns
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West, Miguelito Loveless
Summary: There's something wrong with Jim. Can Artie figure out what before things get even worse?
Rating: NC-17
Length: Long (17,442 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: This includes the old ‘character thinks he’s dreaming’ trope, which in my opinion comes with a measure of dub-con, but it’s only kissing. If anyone has a suggestion for how I should tag/warn for that or if I need to, let me know.
Excerpt: Like many men who had been soldiers for at least half as long as they’d been alive, Jim thought of asking for help as weakness.

On AO3

Fic: Today

Oct. 3rd, 2013 02:51 pm
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Title: Today
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West
Summary: A sequel to Someday.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Short (1,650 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: Feedback remains wonderful.
Excerpt: There had been enough close calls over the years that Artie hadn’t always been sure there would be a rest of his life. But it seemed there would be, and as for plans- well, he hadn’t made them.

On AO3
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Title: Someday
Fandom: The Wild Wild West
Pairing/Characters: Artemus Gordon/James West
Summary: Little is more inconvenient than final words that turn out not to be so final.
Rating: PG
Length: Short (2,337 words)
Disclaimer: The Wild Wild West belongs to CBS and a lot of people who aren't me.
Notes/Warnings: The slash here is fairly light, but still present.  Don't like, don't read.  Comments are love!
Excerpt: As if by tacit agreement, they’d never spoken of it until Jim had just now. Unaccustomed to being the first to break any silence, Jim hadn’t the first idea what this could mean for them.

On AO3

There is also a sequel, Today
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I'm just doing my five main fannish obsessions of the moment, but I'll probably do other series as I go along, if only to get my tags and ships together.

The meme is:

1. The first character I fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character I love less than I used to
4. The character I just want to slap
5. A paring that I love
6. A pairing that I despise

Here we go...

Cabin Pressure )

Justified )

Once Upon a Time )

Warehouse 13 )

The Wild Wild West )


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