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On LJ my "login cookie" keeps disappearing whenever I try to make a comment.  Is that happening to anyone else?

My icons

Mar. 17th, 2017 10:01 pm
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I'm working on making some multi-fandom icons because I feel like the ones I have should reflect what I'm into a little bit more (I don't have a paid account, and with only 15 you gotta make 'em count, and like... I haven't seen Sleepy Hollow or Agents of SHIELD in forever), so I'm going to work on a whole batch.  I'm definitely getting much better at icon making than I was.

Anyway, I'm mainly working on ones from Shadowhunters, Lucifer, and Kingsman.  If anyone has any prompts or suggestions (pairings, character + color and/or text combos, etc.) let me know!


May. 16th, 2016 11:50 pm
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So I've mostly been keeping my Kingsman-related flailing confined to my tumblr- in part because I keep telling myself I need to go back and put links to all the fanfiction I've been writing here too and then not doing that.  But I have to say about the upcoming sequel:

For a while I was trying not to think too much about it.  I was happy about Colin Firth probably being back and everything, but I kept thinking, “What if it’s bad?  What if it’s not bad but stuff I don’t want to happen happens?  Think how rare sequels that are actually good are.”

But today it was like, “There’s gonna be a car chase!  Eggsy’s gonna wear a truly hideous orange jacket!  Elton John is in it!”  And I just can’t be aloof anymore.  It’s finally happened.  I am so excited for this movie.

On the subject of me always forgetting to post links my fanfiction, I'm thinking about revamping my main masterlist.

I have this vision of just putting links to separate by-fandom masterlists in the big one so I won't have to work around a million cuts every time I go to update it anymore.  The problem is that while that will work fine for the fandoms I've written lots of fics for, I feel silly making whole masterlists for fandoms where I only ever wrote one fic.  So I'm thinking maybe I should just do a miscellaneous list for those fandoms- but I worry that it would make the main masterlist less useful for anyone looking at it. 

Any thoughts on what would be more or less accessible?
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I just saw Captain America Civil War.  I'll do a more detailed post on it on Sunday or something, once I have my thoughts in order, but for now I have to get one thing off my chest:
In the long and glorious history of completely unnecessary and out of left field hetero kisses, the one between Steve and Sharon was a humdinger.  Peggy just died, Steve just learned that Sharon was related to her, their last personal conversation was about Peggy and the things she knew... but sure, they were just boiling with sexual tension that whole time, absolutely.  And it was almost worse because there wasn't even a romantic subplot.  Like I didn't want a romantic subplot, but taking out that kiss would have no noticeable effect on the story, so  Why.  Was.  It.  There???  People in my theatre made the funniest 'hmming' noises.  I think even people who normally dig the whole "attractive white man + attractive white woman = equals love obviously" equation were WTF-ing over this... thing.

Also I'm working on a couple of super fluffy fanfics right now and I have no idea what to call them.  Normally I go for song lyrics when I'm at a loss, but when combing through my music over the last few days I realized that most of my music is of the melancholy and/or overwrought variety.  Can anyone recommend some just really happy love songs?

Very "cotton candy and rainbows"-type quotes about love might be useful too, if anyone knows any.
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I'm having trouble tagging a work on AO3 and I thought I'd take a survey of the room to see if anyone has strong opinions on the subject.

Put under a cut for The Hobbit spoilers.
Does an LOTR fic that references canon character deaths from The Hobbit require a Major Character Death tag?  Said references aren't the focus of the story, and obviously I'm putting a 'Canonical Character Deaths' tag on it, but I can still make a case for either choice.

What do you guys think?
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Do any (or, I don't know, maybe most) of you have a tumblr?

I'm thinking about setting one up, but I'd kind of like an actual person to hold my hand and tell me what the fuck I'm doing rather than me just jumping in and flailing around.


Nov. 11th, 2014 07:07 pm
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On LJ posts, I sometimes embeded links with a little symbol next to them.  They're just like LJ User links (like [livejournal.com profile] potentiality_26), except that instead of the usual LJ symbol it's the AO3 symbol, or one for another website.  Does anyone know how that's achieved?

I'd try to look it up in the FAQ, but as you can see I'm not very good at explaining it and I don't know how I'd even starting looking.
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Let me set the scene: quite a while ago now, I read a prompt on a prompting meme that I thought was genius, but didn't have any idea for, so I just moved on and basically forgot about it.  Fast forward several months, and I wrote a fic inspired by that prompt but a) it's pretty sideways from the prompt, in that it includes the sequence requested, but doesn't focus on it at all and b) it's a crossover with another fandom, and not just incidentally, characters from that other fandom are very central to the story.

Now, I have no problem citing the prompt- I have every intention of saying "Hey, guys, check out this prompt, it totally gave me this idea" and linking to it- however, I don't quite feel right calling it a fill and posting it on the meme (no, I haven't checked if someone else has filled it already, but I will soon, and if someone has it will ease my mind considerably), but I do know that some people do and just say, "Sorry, sideways from the prompt."

My question is: does anyone know if there is a generally accepted etiquette for prompt fics that sort of went haywire?
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I recently finished a draft of a fic and I wrote it very differently than I usually do.  Unless it's a short story- say, less than 2,500 words- and I can think it up and write it in one sitting, I tend to be pretty scattered in the way I'll write said story.  I get scenes or peices of scenes (from many different points in the fic, and usually out of order) in my head, so write them down as they come to me so I don't forget them later, and then I slowly fill in the blanks until it's done.  Sometimes very slowly, because if I get distracted by another idea in the middle it could be weeks or months before I go back to it.  Also, the scenes that I fill in the blanks with tend to be the weaker parts of the story, because I know what needs to happen in them but they're really just there to get me from point A to point B and they lack a certain spark.

With this fic, I didn't let myself.  I hand wrote it from the first scene to the last scene, in order.  There's already some stuff I want to go back and change, which I'll do when I type it up, but what was interesting was how differently I had to think.  I had to go over the scenes that were really clear in my mind over and over again to make sure I wouldn't forget them but I got around to writing them, but the parts in between those scenes were definitely the better for it, because they fit better into the natural flow of the story.  I'm not sure how often I'll be able to do this- given the reasonably limited amount of time I have for fic writing in a given day, I had to go through it pretty fast- but it was a learning experience.  

What about you guys?  Do you write linearly, or do you just write things down as they come to you?  Are there aspects of your writing that you worry might suffer for the way you write?  Have you ever tried writing a story in a completely different way, to see what it's like?


Aug. 18th, 2014 10:40 pm
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I'm welcoming some new friends this week.  *waves*

I'm a bit of an erratic poster, in that if I get in the swing of it I post pretty regularly- but when I start to forget I really start to forget.  Anyway, if any new friends- or old ones- want to ask some questions to get me going, I'd like to open up that door.  They can fandom related or real life.


Aug. 16th, 2014 12:29 pm
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Would any of my OUAT friends like to volunteer to let me bounce of ideas off them for a Rumbelle fic?  I have some good character study/introspection stuff already finished, but the prompt I'm writing to more or less requires it to be a futurefic, and I'm having trouble envisioning it.  Anyone want to chat about it with me?
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I think I'm gonna revamp my tags a little bit.  Mainly, I'm going to go back and add pairing tags, but I might also change to fandom: once upon a time type tags rather than just once upon a time type tags, but that's mainly just because I think it makes things easier to find, and I have enough tags now to warrant that kind of change.

But I want to ask what you all find most useful when you're looking through the tags on someone's journal.

With pairing tags, do you prefer them to be just on fanworks about/with that pairing, or on any post where the pairing is discussed (i.e. shipping meme entries or reaction posts)?  What about character tags?  Do you think they're useful, or do they just clutter the place up?  Personally, I can see pros and cons to all of the above, and I'd like to know what you most like to see when you're using tags.
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As I said before, I'll undoubtedly end up doing multiple memes- but for the time being, the flist participation one seems to be our winner!

In this new meme, I would answer the following questions for characters:

How I feel about this character:
My het ship:
My fem/slash ship:
Any OTP?
My non-romantic ship for this character:
Any unpopular opinions?
My favorite plot-line for this character:
Something I wish would happen/had happened to this character:
A crossover ship or interaction I would love to see for this character:
A head canon fact:

And the following questions for fandoms:

Favorite characters:
Funniest character:
Prettiest character:
Most badass character:
Most annoying character:
My favorite thing that has happened so far:
What I would most like to see happen next:

So, give me as many characters and fandoms as you like- also, feel free to add your own questions, if there's something you'd like to see not already listed.

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So, I'm thinking about doing another meme.  I found a couple: one where I need contributions from the floor (y'all give me character and/or fandom names and I answer a set of questions about them), one for various 'ships, and one just for female characters.  What's your preference?  They all look interesting to me, and I might wind up doing all of them at some point, I just can't seem to pick.
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But I don't, so- are female Time Lords called Time Ladies, or just Time Lords?
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I get that this is probably a writer's choice/no right answer sort issue, but I'm wondering if maybe there's a consensus out there that I don't know about.  When writing a fic where a character is fairly heavily mentioned, but does not appear, is it best to mention them in the character tags, or not?  Right now, my inclination is to mention a pairing that's discussed but doesn't appear, but not a character- does that sound like the right idea?  Again, I know there's probably no right answer, I'm just curious what everyone else thinks.
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But I'm going for it.

When I write fic, I pretty much have to go with what's in canon.  Unless I'm specifically writing a 'what if x happened instead of y' A.U., I have to at least work around what happened.  I don't mind reading other people's stories that ignore canon, I just have trouble with it myself.

But a while ago, I started an OUAT story.  I basically forgot about it, but I was looking at it again and I still like it.  I'm not caught up on the show, but I don't mind spoilers for this particular series, so I know what happens.  And I know that basically everything in my story has been jossed, but like I said, I still like it.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is whether most people have my hang-up about canon or not.  If I wave my magical writer's wand and say "Everything after The Doctor is unhappened (which is a word that I just made up).  Any resemblance to stuff that happens after that is legitimately incidental.  Okay?  Okay.  Here we go..." will most people want to run with that?
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why LJ stopped sending me messages when people add me as a friend?  It used to. 
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I'm caught up on all my new shows!  And I even saw The Day of the Doctor!  It is a momentous occasion (for me) and we'll see if I can maintain this (I probably can't).  I haven't seen tonight's Almost Human, but that doesn't constitute a backlog, so there.

Agents of SHIELD )

The Blacklist )

The Day of the Doctor )

Sleepy Hollow )

Non-spoilery question for those more active in Doctor Who than me: is there an LJ Comm for Doctor Who/other fandom crossovers- maybe specifically with a character from said other fandom as a companion?  It seems like there should be (and if there isn't there should be) and I may be, possibly- reluctantly- writing a fic.

I'm sure I'll find somewhere to post when/if I finish regardless; I'm just curious.


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