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Apr. 9th, 2019 11:53 am
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I saw this meme going around a while ago and didn't have time to attempt it, but I do now, so here goes.

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

I have 163 works posted on AO3.

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?
Teen (82)
General Audiences (48)

What’s your most common archive warning?
No Archive Warnings Apply (151)

Least common?
Major Character Death (1)

Rest of the meme here... )
Apologies for the hiatus!  I had a crazy couple of weeks.

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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What song did you have stuck in your head today?

My answer: I have a song from Jesus Christ Superstar (What's the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying) in my head just now, specifically the one from the ABC live version.  I bought the soundtrack right after I saw it and I still listen all the time.  I can't believe it's going to be a year old soon.
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Title: And After
Fandom: The Sisters Brothers
Pairing/Characters: John Morris/Hermann Kermit Warm
Summary: Maybe there is a better world, somewhere.
Rating: PG
Length: Very short (684 words)
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: Includes canon character death.  Fills my [community profile] 100fandoms table prompt #20 (discover).  Ficlet for a movie I just saw to remind me that I can, in fact, finish a thing. 
He sat on a rock that overlooked the valley and said to himself, or maybe to the Hermann he couldn’t see- he wasn’t sure when thoughts he had always kept between himself and his notebook became thoughts for Hermann, but it was long before this, whatever this was, happened- “I do not believe I wanted to be your friend.”

On AO3
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There's a very interesting question on this writing meme: You've posted a fic anonymously. How would someone be able to guess that you'd written it?

I had a difficult time answering it, and honestly I'd be more curious how other people who've read my work think I would give myself away.  Anyone else feel the same?

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Ask me up to three questions.

1. What made you start writing fanfic
2. Which of your own fanfics have you reread the most?
3. Describe the differences between your first fanfic and your most recent fanfic.
4. Do you think your style has changed over time? How so?
5. You've posted a fic anonymously. How would someone be able to guess that you'd written it?
6. Name three stories you found easy to write.
7. Name three stories you found difficult to write.
8. What's your ratio of hits to kudos?
9. What do your fic bookmarks say about you?
10. What's a theme that keeps coming up in your writing?
11. What kind of relationships are you most interested in writing?
12. For E-rated fic, what are some things your characters keep doing?
13. Name three favorite characters to write.
14. You're applying for the fanfic writer of the year award. What five fanfics do you put in your portfolio?
15. Question of your choice!

Ganked from [personal profile] oldtoadwoman (who borrowed it from [personal profile] scribblemoose) via [personal profile] elrhiarhodan

Here is the code – just cut and paste the whole thing if you want to play, too:

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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What is something everyone is "supposed" to love or enjoy, but you just don't? (question submitted by [personal profile] author_by_night)

My answer: Well, I've never understood the appeal of reality TV, and while I wouldn't say that "everyone is supposed to" love it, it's certainly a phenomenon that is so big because people are partaking of it, and I've never gotten why. 

There are also some very popular movies that seem like they should be my thing but that I actually dislike, among them Guardians of the Galaxy and Moulin Rouge.  Both were movies I wanted to like, and obviously I wish the people who do much joy of them, but... I really didn't.  It's an interesting experience, to watch something knowing you should like it and you just... don't. 

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I did The Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown by [ profile] eliimists via [personal profile] elrhiarhodan.

My top tropes )

It's... pretty accurate.  I think Hurt/Comfort, Polyamory, and of course Friends to Lovers ended up so low on the list not because I don't like them (solidly 80% of the fics I read and write are Friends to Lovers, and I like the other two very much as well) but because I like specific tropes and those are so general that I kept following the shiny instead.
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Title: Idle Hands
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Pairing/Characters: John Childermass/John Segundus, Mr. Honeyfoot, Vinculus
Summary: Childermass' plan to keep himself occupied at Starecross may not be quite perfect.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Short (2,392 words)
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: Fills my[community profile] 100fandoms table prompt #18 (fix).
Now that Norrell was gone, and missed largely in the little moments when Childermass heard this or that piece of news and thought how he would tell it to Norrell, and how he would react- and then he remembered that Norrell was not there to tell, and he liked to be busy more than ever.

Mostly, he was- for there was a great deal to do. There were old politicians and new magicians to deal with; there was Vinculus to manage; there was a different kind of magic and a different kind of life for his people to carve out, and Childermass was busily carving it. There was little time to regret words spoken in haste, or to miss the society of men he still regarded very highly, however things had fallen out- or to be lonesome in general. But sometimes... sometimes he stopped, and he stopped most often at Starecross. And it was strange, but in that place- where he had the least reason to be lonely- he was most intensely so.

On AO3
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This is mainly a to-do list to remind myself (though a little cheerleading and/or accountability wouldn't come amiss, since I had meant to do it all this month, and then didn't. Where did January go?):

1) Fix fanwork masterlist(s)- Besides being incomplete because I haven't updated them in like a year, a ton of my masterlist links go back to LJ instead of DW, and I need to actually fix that.

2) Link missing fics- I have 85 (!!!) fics I never did a proper post here on DW for, and in the name of organization I really should.   

3) Edit tagging system- I'm thinking of cleaning up my tags and maybe cutting the character ones.  If I did that, I might be able to list all my tags without the page seeming to go on forever. 

I should probably also update my profile with my thoughts about linking/"reblogging"/etc., but I figure I'm low profile enough to wait and see which way the wind is blowing a bit longer.
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I've picked up this [community profile] 100fandoms table:


It looks like such fun!

Lost Comm

Jan. 20th, 2019 08:00 pm
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TFW you found a comm that looked interesting but apparently didn't join or bookmark it, and now you can't find it.

(I know I've done this more than once, but the particular comm I'm looking for right now is one specifically for ships with older characters.  Shout if that's familiar to you, I might have found it through someone I'm subscribed to.  I know of a similar comm back on LJ, but this was definitely here on DW)
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What part of today’s society and technology do you look at and immediately feel old comparing to related things from when you were younger?

My answer: I've been hurting for my old VHS tapes recently, if that counts. I had so much good stuff that I basically can't access these days. (Yes, I know it would be possible, if I got a hold of a working VHS player, to digitize them- but it's the principle of the thing.)

What makes me feel old more than anything (and I'm hardly old) is things I took for granted growing up literally not working anymore.
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Day 14

In your own space, talk about what you think the future holds for fandom.

It's difficult to guess, with everything so in flux for fandom at large.  Tumblr has been such a big factor in how fandom worked for the last few years, and not just because it happened to be the main hub for so many people.  It influenced what style of fanworks were popular and how people communicated.  It had an effect on fandom etiquette and started conversations (some much needed, some pretty ugly) about fandom behavior.  Until we know for sure what the next big hub is, there's really no knowing how fandom will look in the future. 

Hopefully, however things fall out, the next phase will make fandom a kinder place than it was in some areas of tumblr, where the goal seemed to be finding things to hate more often than not.  It was possible to keep your experience positive there, but it was a lot more work than it is here, and it's been lovely to be reminded of that.  Finding joy in the things you love might not be the only thing fandom is about, but it should be the main thing, or why are we all here anyway?

Day 15

Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it.

While I did miss this journal style of fandom (and resist going over to tumblr for a time because of it), it has been a bit of a learning curve coming back.  Tumblr had its good points and its bad ones, and one of the good ones was the way it allowed you to feel active in fandom by curating a blog that was interesting to people, whether or not much (or even any) of the material came directly from you.  When you're anxious or introverted, it can be easier to do that than to make posts and leave comments regularly.  One of tumblr's bad points, though, was how public every single thing posted had to be.  You could limit the exposure of a post with tagging, but even so when you did actually want to say something it could be much, much more intimidating.  I can't put a number to how many posts I deleted as drafts over the years because it just wasn't worth the stress. 

All of this is to say that the main reason I decided to do Snowflake is because it seemed like a good way to motivate myself to make posts, talk to people, and generally re-learn this style of fandom again, and it's been lovely!  I'm so glad I did it.
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Day 12

In your own space, create your own challenge.

Day 13

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

Well, in the writing meme post I did at the end of December, I set myself the goal of posting at least 50 fics this year.  And since I'm in total "But I don't want to edit this" mode with most of the stuff I've been working on, I thought by way of combining these two challenges I would open myself up for some short fic prompts.

I always enjoyed prompt memes on tumblr (like this one or this one) but stopped doing them for a while.  I'd like to try again, so if anyone wants to send me a ship and a prompt from those lists, or one of your own devising, I'll try to write something less than 1k to order.  

My main fandoms right now are Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Sherlock Holmes, Raffles and Callan, but check out the interests part of my profile for a more complete list.  And you'd be safe with the top ships in any of those fandoms, but I'm also a multishipper willing to give most things a try. 
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Day 11

In your own space, talk about your creative process(es) — anything from the initial inspiration to how you feel after something’s done. Do you struggle with motivation or is it a smooth process? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to pull out when a fanwork isn’t cooperating? What is your level of planning to pantsing/winging it?

I get inspired all the time, and for many different stories, so in the interest of not completely drowning in WIPs I usually start by just writing the basic idea down in a list for later.  I try to only let myself start on a few, but I don't have great self-control, so that doesn't always happen.  The problem, of course, is that stories tend to come to me in scenes and snippets of dialogue.  I'll forget those snippets by the time I finally get around to writing them if I'm not careful.

In terms of how smoothly the actual work goes, it really depends on the fic.  I really have no idea what makes one story flow out like a dream and what makes another stall. 

I only really outline if it's a 5 + 1 style fic, or something like that where the structure of the story is the point of the story.  Otherwise I just see where it goes.  I also finish a work faster and more neatly when I write it linearly, but that doesn't always happen for me.  Sometimes I have the middle in my mind really clearly and nothing else, so that ends up being what I write.  

I also often take a long time to edit something.  It's my least favorite part of the process, and I'll occasionally end up with some perfectly innocent 2k fic just sitting in my drafts folder for weeks because I think something's wrong with it but I haven't decided what it is.  
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Day 9

Commit an Act of Kindness.

Mostly done IRL, though I am trying to comment more on fics and posts, which I feel counts since I like receiving comments so much.

Day 10

Create a fanwork.

I've made 3 Anthony Valentine icons (okay, 2 and an alternate because I couldn't decide which, if either, looked better).

I decided it would be a good challenge for me to just make a couple and then post them without too much fuss, because a) I'm just getting back into icon making and I need to be less precious about it, and b) if I did save all my new icons for one big post like I was thinking I would probably spend forever in a fruitless quest to make seventies shows look less like they're from the seventies.

Raffles | 2x Callan

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Day 8

In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created.

It's tough to pick favorites without anything else to narrow it down, so I decided to go for as broad a spectrum as possible in just three fics.  List includes M/M, M/F, and F/F; small, medium, and large fandoms; short, mid-length, and long fics; teen, mature, and explicit ratings.   

Eighth Time's the Charm (Ocean's 8, Lou/Debbie) Two thieves. One bed.
A relatively new fic that I'm quite proud of.  I like the rhythm and build of it, and I like that I managed to see a new movie and write a fic for it in a reasonable amount of time.

A Foreign Country (Identity, John/Martha) Picking up the pieces.
A small fandom fic, very much under the radar.  But I love these characters and I found it so rewarding and easy to write. 

No Charm Equal (Kingsman, Harry/Eggsy) Harry is a cupid. His latest assignment is proving to be... complicated.
Certainly one of my best loved stories.  I'll always look back on it fondly. 
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I'm playing catch up today because I was very busy on Saturday and then very burned out on Sunday.  I'm also just doing one thing instead of three for days 5 and 6. 

Day 5

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Fandom Trumps Hate

Now based out of dreamwidth instead of just tumblr, it's a fan auction that allows people to bid on creators, donate to non-profits, and in return get a fanwork to their specifications.  I'm probably not going to participate this year, but it's still a great community and a great way to do some good.

Day 6

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

I would love some comments on a few of my small fandom fics (or any of my fics that don't have comments).  You can find them halfway down this page if you're interested.  (I've just filtered by comments and gone to the second to last page.  I know there's a way to filter to just works without comments, but I don't remember it now). 

I'd also be interested in a recommendation for any general small fandom comms here on dreamwidth.  I've had an idea for one myself that I might post about later, but maybe something already exists that fits the bill.  
Day 7

Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing. Try working in a new medium. Or check out some fanworks that are new to you.

I've been working on a couple of fics in new fandoms over the last few weeks, and I've also been working on some icons to reflect those new fandoms, so I think I'm covered here.  I've also found some nice rec lists from yuletide and other exchanges through this challenge, so I've found some new stuff to read as well.  
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Day 4

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them.

Relatively easy challenge today, since I've been doing my best to comment on several people's snowflake challenge posts each day, and I've found several great journals (and recs lists) so far!
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Which I signed up for because I am a genius with a deep need for more ideas. 






















Ghosts and Gore






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