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Feb. 14th, 2016 10:29 pm
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From [ profile] verdande_mi:

Do you want a TV revival of SGA/SG-1?

Well, I would certainly like a TV revival much more than a reboot movie (you know I try to stay positive, but it just sounds like a terrible idea).  The thing is that revivals don't have a very good track record, so I'm not completely sure.  I love the characters on both shows and I'd like to see them again, and also I'd be so happy to have a sci-fi show I could watch regularly again, but it's so hard to know what it would really be like.

I would maybe enjoy a new spin-off set later, as long as it returned to the tone of the first two shows (Universe didn't do anything for me before I got super tired of "gritty" storytelling, and now it really really doesn't appeal to me).
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From [ profile] verdande_mi: What was your favorite stargate plot or subplot? (can be SG-1 or SGA, can be one episode or a long-term storyline). Go top 5 if you prefer.

My favorite episodic plot was "The Changling" from SG-1 (the one where Teal'c keeps dreaming that he's a firefighter in a "real world" setting and can't tell which life is real; I love the premise and the performances everyone gives, and all the fanfic people ended up writing set in that universe).  On SGA my favorite was probably "Midway" but not really for any intelligent reasons, Teal'c and Ronan fighting the Wraith together was just really awesome.

I loved the multiple episode arc with the Unas.  I think I've talked about this before, but all of those episodes were amazing examples of why I love Daniel so much.  Also I think the Unas were really interesting as a species, and I loved what the show ultimately did with them.

I also want to mention how much I love Jacob Carter's story arc.  He was such a great character, and seeing a regular real-world human become part of the larger universe just hits all my buttons.  (It's probably my favorite SF trope, and probably another of the things I love so much about Daniel)

On SGA, I think the whole Todd the Wraith plotline was my favorite.  I love the compexities of his not-friendship with Sheppard, and the way the show juggled having a not-completely-evil Wraith with the general concept of the series.


Dec. 6th, 2014 11:02 pm
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So, I've been rewatching Stargate SG-1 on a station that runs two episodes of it a week, right?  I was busy the day they did "Meridian" and the one after it, and it's probably best that I missed those because they tear me up, but anyway now I'm in S6, and I've just realized how much I've missed Jonas Quinn.

I love that guy.  I really do.  i mean, if it's him or Daniel it's no contest, but it's always made me sad that they didn't keep him around after Daniel came back.  Jonas is great.  
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Title: Rolling Stone
Fandom: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis
Pairing/Characters: Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran
Summary: Sam on her way to Atlantis.
Rating: PG
Length: Very Short (912 words)
Disclaimer: These wonderful characters do not belong to me.
Notes/Warnings: Written for my hc_bingo square moving (my card is here).  This is set during the SGA episode where Sam is transferred to Atlantis, but it's been a while since I've seen it, so I apologize for any possible continuity problems. The title comes from "A Place Called Home" by Kim Richey.
Excerpt: “Won’t you miss all this?” Vala asked.

“I’d say it’s not another planet, but- you know- it is,” Sam reminded her. “The one thing that’ll stay pretty much the same is ‘all this.’”

On AO3

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And I just saw "Upgrades" again.  It has a lot of funny moments, but to me it's always really going to be the episode with the bit where Sam is trapped on the other side of a forcefield and Jack won't leave her, which is later used as proof of their great love.

Here's the thing about that:

If you ship Jack/Sam I wish you joy of it, and I'm not trying to bash your ship, but this plotline really gets my goat, so it might read that way )

My shows...

Jun. 1st, 2014 11:47 am
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So, I ended up watching four shows premiering this year from beginning to end, which is really sort of unprecedented for me.  Anyway, some of them finished their seasons quite a while ago, but I wanted to post on them all at once.

So, without further ado:

Agents of SHIELD )

Almost Human- warning: my opinion was not always favorable )

While I'm on the subject of SF, though.  I want a sci-fi show, you guys.  Specifically, I want space ships.  I want aliens and ships in space.  It's part of why I'm so unenthused by this Stargate reboot news.  For one thing, I'm tired reboots, but mainly- I didn't like early Stargate all that much.  When I think of Stargate, I think of the huge world they built over the seasons, with the Asgard and the Wraith and the Ancients.  I love all the cool tech they accumulated.  I love the fact that these characters started out as regular 20th centuries humans and became part of this giant universe.  How can anyone expect me to be excited about them taking it all away again?  In the movie, the universe was tiny, and it's not what I want to see.  I want them add more to what they built, not knock it all down again.

Anyway, moving on.

The Blacklist )

Sleepy Hollow )
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Character you like with several others:

Oh, but there are lots.  My beloved Daniel, of course, and also Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Remus Lupin.  I can see those three with most of the major people they have interactions with in their various canons.  I have favorites (like Illyria/Wes or Lupin/Snape) but I like all kinds of ships for them, het and slash.  I also like Claire Bennet with lots of different people (mainly Gretchen or Sylar, but I also have an unfortunate weakness for all the sides of the Claire/Nathan/Peter triangle.  Blame the fandom, people).

Emma Swan, too, although I wouldn't quite call that shipping, I'm just undecided.  Graham, August, Neal, Hook (and of course Regina too)... I don't really have a preference.

The rest of the meme )
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Favorite crack pairing:

I have no single favorite crack pairing, but I generally enjoy 'absolutely-everyone-loves-this-one-character' fics.  The most shining example, in my view, is this Stargate SG-1 story: Avenging Jaffa by Sideburns.  It is amazingly funny, and probably my favorite crack fic period.  Go check it out (warning: there is some character death and general not-nice-ness, but it's handled in a funny way, and everything turns out okay at the end).

The rest of the meme )
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From [ profile] verdande_mi, Stargate: SG-1

Favorite characters: I love all of SG-1 (any incarnation), but Daniel, Sam and Cam are particular favorites; also General Hammond, Doctor Frasier and Jacob Carter
OTP(s): No OTPs, really, I like Daniel/most people (Jack, Sha're, Cam, Sam, Teal'c, Vala, Jonas, Janet, Paul Davis, you get the idea); also, Sam/Martouf
Funniest character: Vala.  She's a great character and she always cracks me up.
Prettiest character: Maybe Doctor Lam (I totally fell head over heels for Lexa Doig the first time I saw Andromeda; she's just lovely, though she does lose something without the fabulous Andromeda hair); also Daniel is actually really pretty.  I remember watching that first episode where he got kidnapped by a Unas, and thinking, "How did I never notice how blue his eyes are before?  They might just be the bluest eyes I've ever seen."
Most badass character: Bra'tac.  Teal'c is awesome too, naturally, but Bra'tac is just so cool.  I love how he's always talking like he's on death's door, and yet he still kicks ass and lives to fight another day.
Most annoying character: Felger?  Maybe it's because I'm a female geek, and female geeks tend to be portrayed badly if they're portrayed at all in films and tv, but the ascended fanboy trope does nothing for me.  Galaxy Quest was the first and last time that was cool.  Felger's saving grace as a character is that SG-1 only respects him in his head, but even so he gets on my nerves.
My favorite thing that has happened so far: Jacob Carter's character arc had a sad end, but the whole idea was so cool.  I loved a lot of the ideas in the Tokra plotline, but Jacob and Selmac were my favorite parts of it.  Whenever they showed up, I was happy.
What I would most like to see happen next: Since the movies were a little disappointing to me, I'd say I'm happy with SG-1 as is; something I wish had happened was more of the Sam/Jolinar and Martouf plotline.  Her struggles with having memories that weren't hers and how those memories effected her relationship with Martouf were so interesting, and I don't feel they were explored as fully as they could have been.  In S3 she could use all this Goa'uld technology because of Jolinar, even though she was pretty much human, and though all that was mentioned occaisonally later, I would have loved more.  (I'm not counting the Martouf bits of "Ripple Effect" because that was more shutting the whole thing down than doing anything with it, and the fact that scenes with an Alt!Daniel who had gotten his wife back were cut in the name of that business annoys me to no end).

"Day 24"

Feb. 10th, 2014 04:39 pm
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Best quote

This question is very possibly even more heinous that the best scene one- I mean, maybe I could pick a favorite line per show I love, even then it's a bit of a stretch.  Who can remember every quip and one liner that made them laugh, every heart-breaking reflection speech that made them rethink everything they thought they knew about a character, and then compare them all and decide which one is best.  So this one's a bit of a throwaway, but it's still good.

From the Stargate SG-1 episode "Ethon"

Jared Kane: Do you ever give up?
Daniel Jackson: Not unless I'm dead.  And sometimes not even then.

My beloved Daniel in a nutshell.

I'm also giving an honorable mention to Stargate Atlantis for Rodney McKay's: "Got enough dynamite there, Butch?" though I don't recall what episode it's from.  We're big quoters in my family, and that line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid gets a lot of use- so yeah, I squealed a little when Rodney said it to Sheppard.  It's a great moment.

The rest of the meme )

"Day 14"

Jan. 28th, 2014 10:38 am
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Favorite male character

Imma make this easy for you guys, okay?  It's Daniel Jackson.  (I love Rory Williams and Nathan Petrelli a lot too; you get a cookie if you know off the top of your head what all three have in common.)  For one thing, I love characters who change a lot over the run of the show- and I've never known a character to grow as much as Daniel did, and yet- despite becoming a tougher, darker character- still keep the inner core of decency and optimism that I loved about him in the first place; after everything that happened to him, he stayed the genius who thought with his heart more than his head.  He's the guy who once got kidnapped by a giant lizard monster and decided to try to learn its language so he could communicate with it.  He's the guy who was always willing to give the things he needed up for others, from his best chance to save his wife to his own life.  He's the guy who got kicked out of heaven because he wouldn't stop helping people.*  I love Daniel.

*I'm blanking on who said this first, but it wasn't me.

The rest of the meme )
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Fic Masterlist

Short Fics (1,000-5,000 words)

Coffee and the Meaning of Life (Ianto Jones + Daniel Jackson, Janus) G | 1,504 words | Crossover (with Stargate Atlantis and Torchwood), Episode Related, Fix-It | How Ianto Jones ascended.

Very Short Fics (< 1,000 words)

Rolling Stone (Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran) PG | 912 words | Crossover (with Stargate Atlantis), Episode Related, Flirting and Awkwardness | Made for [ profile] hc_bingo (Square: Moving) | Sam on her way to Atlantis.


My Stargate Atlantis Fics

"Day 12"

Jan. 26th, 2014 12:46 pm
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An episode you've watched more than 5 times

This is phrased like there's only going to be one.  Why would there only be one?  I'm doing five, but there's definitely more than five- these are just episodes I won't get the chance to discuss anywhere else, and want to talk about.

Cut, for lengthy squeeing )

The rest of the meme )

"Day 9"

Jan. 23rd, 2014 09:58 pm
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Best scene ever

This is a pretty terrible question.  I mean maybe- maybe- I could put together a list with my favorite scene from every show I've ever loved, but then we'd be here forever, so I won't.  I do not have an absolute favorite scene, so I'm just going to do a favorite scene from the five shows I've already mentioned, and call it good.  These might not really be my number one favorites from those shows, and they certainly aren't really my top five scenes ever ever, but hey- what can you do?

Best scenes )

Now, I also wanted to add a question: Best story arc

It's also hard, but I have a couple that I wanted to highlight, and looking ahead I couldn't find any question that could give me a good chance to.  I'm tagging it onto the scenes question because some of the favorite scenes I'd thought of initially were only as good as they were because of the build of the story arc around them.

Best story arcs )

The rest of the meme )
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Since I caught up with the rest of the SF fanbase and watched Farscape.

I'd seen isolated of episodes of Farscape here and there but I could never get into it, because as you know if you've ever seen just an isolated episode of Farscape it seems like it's written in code by people with strange chemicals in their systems.  And 200 was always my favorite of the comedic Stargate episodes- I loved all of it, but the Farscape bit was one of my favorite parts because for a few seconds they perfectly duplicated how it felt for me to watch Farscape.

Now I've seen it, and I love that part of 200 all the more.  Because there's a logic to Farscape that makes all the craziness come clear, and that part of the episode is the same way.  Suddenly that slice of out-of-this-world bizarreness becomes- "Oh.  They're all just swearing."  I love it.

And Vala's little smile when Marty tells her he has no idea what she's ripping off there is classic.
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For tags.  And... er... science.

One for a fandom I'm very new to, one in the middle, and one old standby.

Orphan Black )

Person of Interest )

Stargate: SG-1 )
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The AO3 Major Character Death warning should have qualifiers?

I mean, I try to avoid stories where main characters die, and maybe I should stop because one of my favorite fics ever, The Night of the Setting Sun is a) a death-fic and the kind of the death-fic that makes all the others seem trite and overdone in the face of it's gorgeous simplicity and b) not sad so much as true, exactly everything the canon was telling you would happen if everything one day went very, very wrong.  Also, it probably would have benefited from not having to declare itself.

Okay, I was getting away from my original point there.  My comment is this: shouldn't some fandoms have a canon-typical character death tag the same way there is a canon typical violence tag where you can get away with leaving out the graphic depictions of violence warning because it's Cabin in the Woods or whatever and it's unlikely to be worse than what people already signed up for?

I mean, fics that at certain times in their respective series killed Rory Williams/Daniel Jackson/Nathan Petrelli would really just be business as usual, right?  And he'd keep coming back, wouldn't he?

Anyway, I happen to think a character who gets killed and then brought back again should get a free pass for a while, but if the canon has already gone there...
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Title: Coffee and the Meaning of Life
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1/Torchwood
Pairing/Characters: Daniel Jackson, Ianto Jones, Janus
Summary: Or, how Ianto Jones ascended.
Rating: PG
Length: Short (1,504 words)
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and Stargate belongs to MGM
Notes/Warnings: Set during Children of the Earth and SG-1 season six, contains spoilers for those seasons but is not compliant with anything in the Torchwood canon post COE.
Excerpt: "It's ascending a few people, Janus," the handsome man said serenely.

“It’s ascending almost a
hundred people, Daniel,” the man in the beige pajamas snapped.  “This is not a good idea.”

On AO3


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